17 May The story of Edward and WaterSpaDivan

Today we want to tell you the story of Eduardo.

Eduardo, who lives in Madrid, is a man 85 years old. He is currently retired and has dedicated his entire life to engineering as a government official. Now he spends much of his time as a dog breeder and member of the Association Cynologique of La Rioja using the pedigree name of “La Jana”. Eduardo has a backyard at his home totally covered by an enclosure in which has built a pool therefore the space available left is reduced. As Eduardo is recovering from surgery, (stenosis lumbar vertebrae) he said us that he had decided to buy our Hydromassage Armchair because the hydrotherapy combine well with the treatment he must follow.

The curious and relevant of the story is that Eduardo illness has improved significantly; his circulatory problem has highly subsided. And we cannot be happier!

That was our objective, make our contribution in the wellness of the people who decides that our Hydromassage Armchair is the perfect complement for their pool. Eduardo opted by WaterSpaDivan because

this system does not occupy the space out of the pool, where I have some other fitness equipment, Eduardo explains us.


He got in touch with us for a consultation about the WaterSpaDivan operation and told us his story, which has excited us and we really want to share with you.


Only we have to thank you for trusting us! Do you have a story to tell us? Contact us and we will publish it into our blog, because you are the protagonist of our story. Join us and write to and we will contact you!

Meanwhile, we keep working, and remember to “Enjoy your time!”

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