How did the idea come about?

At this moment in time we are living in a world where the pace of life and the lack of time cause major stress. The demand for therapies to help people to relax is growing all the time…

and as a result…

People miss work0%
Back pain on adults0%
Increase of health related tourism in recent years0%

Other current Spa solutions on the market take up a lot of space and even land, the price of which is increasing all the time. Most call for building work of some kind, wich makes it an expensive, unmovable product.


Building work needs to be done.


Installing other products is more expensive


They need more space

This is the origin of the first Spa armchair for swimming pools

Technological evolution, great achievements in product redesign, size reduction, improved performance… Thanks to these developments, and following a study of our users’ needs, we’ve taken the best of large spas and have concentrated them into the first HomeSpa on the market.

WaterSpaDivan combines technology and design in its adjustable water and air jets for massaging the upper and lower back, buttocks, thighs and calves making you feel better.






Needs minimal space

How does WSD Water Spa Divan work?

Our hydromassage armchair has 12 air and water jets that are divided into the three zones most affected by stress: back, buttocks and calves.


Upper and Lower Back Jets

This system has four 2.5-inch rotating jets that force air and water out. Thanks to its control panel we can choose the time we want to enjoy this type of massage, and can adjust them to the aching zone, selecting the massage time.


The combined water-air impulses on the lower back area help to improve injuries due to sciatica, lumbago and ease other ailments.


Jets for Buttocks

In the seat area there are six jets with a one-inch diameter. These small jets are placed to accompany the buttock muscles and apply air for your relaxation.


Air massage on the buttocks helps to relax and loosen leg muscles, the ones that suffer most.


Jets for Calves

For the calf area, at the end of the seat there are two 2-inch adjustable jets that force water out. As calves are very strong muscles, the water jet massage will help release the daily strain.


Our calves work with every step we take, so massaging them with water jets not only helps relieve pain, but also improves our whole body’s circulation.


An autonomous system

Our armchair’s power supply is completely separate from the pool, so there’s no need to worry about it. Just connect it to the mains and start enjoying its functions.


Press the buttons to select water jet, air jet or both and the massage time with no need to watch the time, so you can completely relax.

Our WSD WaterSpaDivan armchair in images

Design and technology combined to create something unique


Headrest, Backrest, Seat and Armrest

MDPE polyethylene with antioxidant and UV filter


– 2 x 2.5” Rotating Water and Air Jets
– 2 x 2.5” Adjustable Water and Air Jets

– 6 x 1” Air Jets
– 2 x 2” Water Jets

Water Pump

Voltage: 24VDC
Flow: 4,700 GPH/ 17,700 Litres/Hour

Air Pump

Voltage: 24VDC
Rotational Speed: 23,800 R.P.M.
Max. Air Static Pressure: 62 cm/H2O

Power Supply

AC universal input / Full range (up to 305VAC)
– Built in Active PFC
– Protections: Short circuit / Overcurrent / Over voltage / Over temperature
– Cooling by free air convection
– IP67 design for indoor or outdoor installation
– Compliance with international security lighting standards
– Suitable for dry / wet locations


2×2.5mm² 24V electric wire hose
7 Metres
Outdoor use, immersion, and resistance to chemical attacks

Waterproof IP68/IP67


230 VAC: 266 W

Control Panel

Material: White Polycarbonate Cover
Adhesive: 3M 468
Button: membrane
LED: Red, High Brightness

Technical Documentation


Corporate brochure




Product size and presentation

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